Dorferwirt - the Village Innkeeper

Hosts since 1420

From humble beginnings as a tavern in Pass Thurn, we have welcomed guests for over 600 years.

In the late 60’s Franz Sr. and Steffi Innerhofer built a new chalet on the southern edge of Pass Thurn. Amongst the advancements of strong insulation, central heating and large separate dining areas was a different kind of innovation: private bathrooms, a popular but relatively rare feature at the time. (Learn more about the Guest Rooms.)

Today, following the forward-thinking steps of his parents, Franz Innerhofer Jr. has introduced luxury- apartment style living to the chalet, each with a complete kitchen and dining area. (Learn more about the new luxury Holiday Apartments.)

1st February 1593: The Innerhofer family was granted a coat of arms in gratitude from Archduke Ferdinand II for fighting in the Thirty Year War. The coat of arms features a stork and snake, which at the time was a symbol of fertility